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Name:Dan Evans
Website:Milliways Bar

Dan Evans is a husband, father, small time rancher, and Civil War veteran trying to keep his family together and make things work on their small ranch in Arizona. The year is 1865, and the west is still very wild. When Dan crosses paths with the infamous outlaw Ben Wade after a stagecoach holdup, he is pulled into the realm of murder, robbery, and thieves after he agrees to deliver Wade to the 3:10 prison train out of Contention, Arizona for a fee of two hundred dollars.

What would have been a normal ride to Contention is anything but when your prisoner is one of the most dangerous men in all of Arizona and the territory. With Wade's gang on their tail the entire ride, it quickly turns into something much more dangerous for everyone involved.

Especially that last half mile to the station.

Someone's got to make the walk.


Dan Evans is a human male, with dark brown hair that borders on a faint red tint in the sun, and brown eyes. He is of average height and build, lean from not enough food to feed the family and years of working on the cattle ranch in the heat and dust. His skin is well tan, and slightly sunburnt on the cheeks. He wears clothing in the shades of brown and tan (why wear something that shows the dirt) and a hat.

Most noticeable about Evans upon entering Milliways is that he is dead. He also has a wooden leg, from the middle of his left shin down, after being wounded in during the Civil War, which gives him a slight limp (however he can move when he wants/needs to with little effort) but this is not noticeable upon sight alone.

DISCLAIMER: Dan Evans is owned by Lionsgate. Christian Bale is owned by himself. I do not claim to work or own the characters or story in any way shape or form. This is a roleplaying exercise for Milliways Bar. No profit is being made. Adult content may be present.

Old version of this journal (prior to the Milliways migration) is here: lasthalfmile @ lj.
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